Registration List: IEEE 802.16 Session #88

Update 2013-11-17

Name\Family Name\Given Affiliation City State\Province Country/Admin
Yes Bims Harry Bims Laboratories Menlo Park CA USA
Yes Castelow David Airspan Networks Inc. Uxbridge
Yes Cha Jaesun Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instititute (ETRI) Daejeon
Yes Hsieh Ching-Tarng Industrial Technology Research Institute Hsinchu
No Kiernan Brian unaffiliated King of Prussia PA USA
Yes Kim Eunkyung Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Daejeon Daejeon Korea
Yes Marks Roger EthAirNet Associates Denver CO USA
No Oodo Masayuki National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Yokosuka Kanagawa Japan
Yes Vicentin Diego Princeton University Princeton NJ USA

+Invalid affiliation disclosure. Accordingly, no participation credit granted.

++Invalid affiliation disclosure, and attendance requirement unmet.

Note 1: Participation Credit field is tentative, depending on affiliation disclosure, attendance confirmation, etc.

Note 2: Affiliation per the "Affiliation" field on the attendance log form, or subsequent update. "Affiliation" is defined according to the IEEE-SA affiliation disclosure requirements. Note in particular:

11. What if I refuse to disclose my affiliation?
As outlined in IEEE-SA governance documents, you will lose certain rights. In a working group where voting rights are gained through attendance, no attendance credit will be granted if affiliation isn't declared. Similarly, voting rights are to be removed if affiliation isn't declared.

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