IEEE P802.16 Draft Status and Schedule

Date Action Completed
2001/01/02 Call for Comments opens on IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000 (private). x
2001/01/16 Call for Comments closes. The outcome is recorded in the comment resolution database and the editor's action database. x
2001/01/26 Initiation of Working Group Letter Ballot #3 approved by IEEE 802.16. x
2001/02/06 Working Group Letter Ballot #3 opens, considering IEEE 802.16/D2-2001 (private).. x
2001/03/13 Working Group Letter Ballot #3 closes. The approval ratio was 80.2% (higher than the required 75%) and the return ratio of 75% (higher than the required 50%). Therefore, the motion passed. However, the ballot requires comment resolution recirculation. x
2001/05/25 IEEE 802.16 Recirculation Ballot #3a opens, considering IEEE 802.16/D3-2001 (private). x
2001/03/26 Invitation to Ballot issued for the P802.16 Sponsor Ballot. x
2001/06/04 P802.16 Sponsor Ballot Group finalized. x
2001/06/15 IEEE 802.16 Recirculation Ballot #3a closes. See Voting Report (HTML or PDF) and Comment Report (for use with Commentary). x
2001/07/23 IEEE 802.16 Confirmation Ballot #3b opens. x
2001/08/02 IEEE 802.16 Confirmation Ballot #3b closed. x
2001/08/03 IEEE 802.16 Letter Ballot #3 was declared to have closed successfully x
2001/08/04 Open of IEEE 802 SEC Email Ballot motion to forward P802.16/D4-2001 for Sponsor Ballot x
2001/08/09 IEEE 802 Sponsor Executive Committee approves a motion to forward P802.16 for Sponsor Ballot x
2001/08/10 Sponsor Ballot opens. x
2001/09/09 Sponsor Ballot closes. x
2001/09/11 Draft available in IEEE catalog. x
2001/09/10-14 Comment resolution at Session #15 x
2001/09/14 Working Group approves submission to RevCom upon successful comment resolution x
2001/09/25 Recirculation ballot opens x
2001/10/04 Recirculation ballot closes x
2001/10/18 Draft 5 issued (private) x
2001/10/19 Confirmation ballot opens x
2001/10/22 Draft 5 available in IEEE Catalog x
2001/10/24 Approval request submitted to Standards Review Committee (RevCom) of the IEEE-SA Standards Board x
2001/10/25 Approval request placed on RevCom agenda for 2001/12/05 x
2001/10/28 Confirmation ballot closes x
2001/10/28 Sponsor Ballot declared passed and closed x
2001/11/16 IEEE-SA SEC passes motion to affirm submission to RevCom x
2001/12/05 Final Draft approved by RevCom x
2001/12/06 Final Draft approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board x
Recognized as an American National Standard by ANSI
available for free download via Get IEEE 802TM x

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