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Re: [802.19] Request for suggestions to make 19-15-0063 better!

Dear Andrew-- I appreciate your creating great presentation material for the upcoming LAA workshop.

Regarding my comment in the previous teleconference on TxOP duration in slide p34, please refer to the Section 4.3.2 in TR36.889-d00. Burst transmission duration (=TxOP) in Japanese regulation is limited < 4.0ms, to enable co-existance among several systems in 5GHz band. It looks "4ms" is the most severe rule compared with other countries. That's why 3GPP simulates co-ex using TxOP < 4ms. Then, I would suggst change "5ms" to "4ms" in slide P34. Please let me know if there's any concern.

Best Regards

Akira Yamada
Research Laboratories, NTT DOCOMO,INC.

On 2015/07/28 14:00, Andrew Myles (amyles) wrote:
G’day all

The latest version of the proposed 802 submission to the 3GPP workshop
Thank you to those who provided comments

Roger, I will be attending the 802.19 call but may be a couple of
minutes late


*From:*Andrew Myles (amyles)
*Sent:* Tuesday, 21 July 2015 12:22 PM
*To:* STDS-802-19@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
*Subject:* [802.19] Request for suggestions to make 19-15-0063 better!

G’day all

Last week I presented
as the basis of a possible submission from IEEE 802 to the 3GPP Workshop
at the end of August. Many people provided excellent comments and
suggested refinements during the meeting.  As requested, some people
have sent me their comments via e-mail. However, many have not yet done
so. Please send me any comments or suggestions  so that I can
incorporate them into the next version for discussion at the upcoming
802.19 WG teleconferences.   And on that topic, could someone please
send out details for the scheduled teleconferences; when, where and how?

Steve, the draft minutes are incorrect. The session at which “/Jingyi
Zhou and Mingxi Fan presented a Liaison presentation on LTE-U, in
document 802.19/15-57r1/.” was held on Tuesday, 14 July and not
Wednesday, 15 July.