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30m Cat 6A Channel data *new*
9-Jan-06; 5,631K
Richard Mei SYSTIMAX Solutions
Magnetics for 10GBASE-T
3-Sep-05; 589K
Brian Buckmeier Belfuse
Magnetics data
22-Oct-04; 482K
Thuyen Dinh Pulse
PHY parameter list
26-Mar-04; 17K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
PHY proposal details
5-Apr-04; 23K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
1000BASE-T comparison chart (historical)
5-Apr-04; 124K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
SolarFlare modeling code
17-Mar-04; 215K
George Zimmerman SolarFlare Communications
Alien Crosstalk contribution
14-Mar-04; 502K
Jo Walling Independent
Some Considerations Concerning "Alien Crosstalk"
31-Jan-04; 293K
Jo Walling Independent
Alien Crosstalk
26-Jan-04; 989K
Jo Walling Independent
Capacity versus Length Modeling Information
17-Sep-03; 216K
George Zimmerman SolarFlare
Evaluation of proposed generic cabling set-up to be included in EMC testing of information technology equipment based on radiation emission tests.
13-Aug-03; 2109K
Erik Bech,
Olindo Savi
DELTA Electronics,
Proposed cabling set-up for electromagnetic characterisation of cabling and EMC measurements on LAN systems
13-Aug-03; 700K
Erik Bech,
Olindo Savi
DELTA Electronics,
ANEXT Measurement Procedure
7-Jul-03; 11K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
Modeling Code
12-May-03; 35K
William Jones SolarFlare Communications
Alien NEXT Ad Hoc Material
30-Apr-03; 423K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
Evaluation of Alien Crosstalk in CAT5e and CAT6 Installations - Supplemental (650 MHz)
17-Apr-03; 1801K
Terry Cobb Avaya
Cabling Ad-hoc Report
15-Apr-03; 6277K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
CAT6 Measurements out to 650 MHz
19-Mar-03; 1241K
Terry Cobb Avaya
Category 6 Channel Configuration
17-Mar-03; 64K
Channel 1 Measured Data
28-Feb-03; 885K
Channel 2 Measured Data
11-Feb-03; 708K
Terry Cobb Avaya
Development of Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk (ELFEXT) and Return Loss Specifications for Gigabit Ethernet Operation On Category 5 Copper Cabling
27-Feb-03; 251K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
Behavioral Modeling of Transmission Line Channels via Linear Transformations
23-Dec-02; 111K
Albert Vareljian Independent


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