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Re: [802SEC] IEEE-SA Fellowship Program Developments

I agree with Rich that in general regulations *should* be technology neutral, and while not always true in all regions, it should be a goal that IEEE-SA promotes through the fellowship program as it is key to enabling technological innovation IMO.  While we often find references to specific standards as "one way" to meet regulatory requirements IEEE-SA and 802 should not seek mandates or references that exclude other technologies as it stifles innovation both inside and outside our standards development process.  In my experience a positive two-way interaction with regulators results in shaping regulations that enable use of 802 standards based technologies as well as 802 standards that can meet specific needs and goals of spectrum management for particular regions. Participation in the development process can both influence the content of regulations and the content of our standards, without for example specific mandates or references to standards in the regulations.

I believe through the fellowship program we have had an opportunity to promote these views and objectives with the participants, and it should be reflected in the metrics.

To address Rich's point, and better align with the stated goals,  I might offer slightly different metrics:

- Regulations are adopted which enable and encourage deployment of IEEE standards based technologies
- Adoption and deployment of standards based products in the region
- Participation in the IEEE standards development process, contributing to shaping standards that meet spectrum management needs.

back to your question, then, accurately measuring the goals takes quite a bit of time. I can report that based on conversations with the fellowship participants, I can report the following impacts of the program:

- Raised awareness of what goes on on 802 and how it can positively influence advancement of technology, enable positive economic activity and provide needed services;  most of the people I spoke with were not familiar with our process and asked many detailed questions regarding both the process of developing standards in 802 as well as the application of our standards in real products.

- Raised awareness of the value in participating in the standards development process, and how their input can influence standards that address regional needs;  I provided several examples of standards projects motivated by regulator inputs and had many questions about exactly how to participate.

- I learned quite a lot about different needs in the different regions represented by the program participants with whom I spoke.  It is difficult to measure this precisely. One thing that I learned is that not all regions of the world have the same view of what "technology neutral" means, and very different near term objectives for spectrum management and technology roll out.

- Based on feedback, I believe thru in the fellowship program gave an overall positive impression of 802 and IEEE-SA to participants.

Hope that helps.


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On 6/6/2018 7:01 AM, Richard Kennedy wrote:



I would take exception with one of the metrics. Regulations are supposed to maintain technology neutrality, i.e. not referring to specific standards. Currently in ETSI BRAN there is a fight over the mention of 802.11 in EN 301 893, and IMHO I would expect that going forward there would be less reference to specific standards.




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From: Jodi Haasz
Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 8:55 AM
Subject: [802SEC] IEEE-SA Fellowship Program Developments


Hi Everyone,


I am preparing information about the IEEE-SA Fellowship Program and developments to date.  As some of you may have had/be having conversations with the participants since the program, both in 2017 and this year, if there have been any developments from your conversations, could you please let me know by the end of business on Wednesday, 13 June?  As a reminder, the goals and metrics for the program are as follows (this information will be shared with the EC).



- Increase awareness and understanding of IEEE-SA activities 

- Bring developing countries’ perspectives into the IEEE-SA (insight, knowledge, local needs)

- Grow IEEE-SA advocates from developing countries for the IEEE standards development paradigm

- IEEE standards and its standards development principles are accepted by policymakers and regulators

- IEEE-SA is recognized as a technical advisor by governments and in multi-lateral/international fora



- IEEE 802 standards referenced in regulation

- Adoption of IEEE standards 

- Advocating for the IEEE paradigm of standards development and use of IEEE 802 standards in country


Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Best regards,

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