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Re: [802SEC] Draft press release for review - Publication of three IEEE 802.3-2018 amendments


(1) In the italicized subheader, I think that "improved power over Ethernet delivery" could be more clearly expressed as "improved delivery of power over Ethernet."

(2) In the paragraph with the quote by Paul, the last two sentences seem to me as if they are intended to be part of the quote, but they are not within quotation marks.

(3) In that section, I think there is something missing from the last sentence. For example, these words in square brackets would help to complete the thought: "The success of IEEE 802 standards—from their inception through today—has been [reliant on] their volunteers’ passionate adherence to an inclusive, fair, open and transparent development process." 

(4) The final paragraph should be deleted, because it just repeats material from earlier.


On April 5, 2019 at 12:22:51 PM, Law, David ( wrote:

Dear EC members,

Based on the publication of three IEEE 802.3-2018 amendments, I've arranged for the development of the attached press release. Since the development of this press release was at the request of the Task Force Chairs and myself I'm seeking EC approval.

I would like to request review before proceeding to an email ballot, therefore please provide comments on the attached draft by Wednesday 10th April 2019 11:59PM AOE.

Thanks and best regards,

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