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[802SEC] Webex Update


Here is feedback based on my conversations with Jon / Roger  I will provide on today’s call -

  • Our quote from Webex is valid until 4/24.
  • IEEE SA is providing seats with a webex plan similar to what we were considering (minus the Global Call me), but given the perceived SA volume, we are unsure that it hasn’t been modified, and were planning to recommend using it until 4/22 to test it.
  • The SA plan does not include a toll # in all countries, notably China (note there is a toll # for Hong Kong, which can address Southern China).  A toll # in China is obtained by purchasing the Global Call me #.
  • We have gotten some feedback that there have been some VOIP issues with teleconferencing tools, and it is unclear if webex has similar issues.
  • It is unclear at this time how much a toll line in China is actually needed, as we have gotten conflicting anecdotal feedback.
  • Please note that Webex is also offering free seats that can support up to 100 participants on a call, but would have limited toll-line availability.

 Recommendation is to use the SA seats and get feedback regarding ease of entry into webex sessions. Based on this testing, we will then make a decision on 4/23. 




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