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[STDS-802-16] SRP Support for IEEE 802.16 Project to Support 1 MHz Channels

To IEEE 802.16 Task Group Members,


This is a comment on the proposal for a modified public standard to support WiMAX in narrower channels such as 1 MHz channels in the 700 MHz Upper A Block.


Salt River Project (SRP) recently completed the purchase of the 700 MHz Upper A-Block spectrum (two 1 MHz blocks, 757-758 & 787-788 MHz) in economic area (EA) 158. This is due to the fact that “legacy” Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensable spectrum is either already occupied or of insufficient bandwidth to meet SRP’s needs. Several other utilities have also acquired, are leasing or planning to also purchase this spectrum.


Salt River Project (SRP) is a strong supporter of standards based communications and encourage the adoption of a public standard such as what is being proposed with a narrowband WiMAX standard. We believe this will bring an economy of scale and a greater adoption and use of this spectrum.


Jeff Neuenfeldt

Salt River Project

Telecom Engineering

Desk: 602-236-8956