IEEE 802.3 NEA Ad Hoc Public Area

IEEE 802 Mar 2019 Plenary, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Agenda and General Information
     12-Mar-19 (474k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, Subsidiary of Huawei
Unapproved Minutes
     13-Mar-19 (145k)
Jon Lewis Dell EMC
Optical Multigig Automotive Ethernet
     12-Mar-19 (1.7M)
Carlos Pardo KDPOF
Next steps in single-pair ecosystem -consideration of extended reach
    13-Mar-19 (1.6M)
Harald Mueller
David Brandt
Markus Wucher
Matthias Fritsche
Rockwell Automation
Harting Electronics

Last Update: 13-Mar-2019

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