IEEE 802.3 NEA Ad Hoc

IEEE 802.3 May 2019 Interim, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Agenda and General Information
    21-May-19 (477k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, Subsidiary of Huawei
Unapproved Minutes
     28-May-19 (199k)
Jon Lewis Dell EMC

Liaisons and Communications

ODCC to IEEE 802.3 on next generation Ethernet connections for datacenter networks
     Proposed Response  John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, Subsidiary of Huawei
      Updated Per Ad Hoc Consideration    


Draft - CFI Consensus Presentation - Automotive Optical Multi Gig
     21-May-19 (2.3M)
Carlos Pardo KDPOF
Draft - CFI Consensus Presentation -Improving PTP Timestamping Accuracy on Ethernet Interfaces
     20-May-19 (618k)
Richard Tse
Steve Gorshe
Possible CFI for 10SPE Multidrop Enhancements
     22-May-19 (1.3M)
Peter Jones Cisco

Last Update: 28-May-2019

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