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RE: SC6 N 11235 (Proposed Procedures for ISO/IEC SC6 and IEEE 802 Co-operative working)

Robin -

The point is that Fast Track is a non-starter unless you know you will get
copyright release.  And in order to get that, you will need 802 to agree to
it before IEEE will release the copyright.  The note as it stands makes it
look like it is "open season" on who can fast track 802 standards, without
regard to any permissions that may be needed.  We felt that the Note should
not mislead any NB into believing that they could short-circuit that.


At 13:10 15/07/99 +0100, Robin Tasker wrote:
>>1.  In Note 5, the document mentions that "NBs have the opportunity to Fast
>>Track any IEEE 802 Standard using the normal ISO/IEC procedures, for
>>example, consolidated IEEE 802 Standards."  This note should be amended to
>>indicate that Fast Track of any IEEE 802 Standards can occur only with
>>prior approval by the Executive Committee of IEEE 802, and with prior
>>agreement from the IEEE with regard to copyright release.
>Is this true?  ISO/IEC Directives says that any P-member, i.e. a NB,
>or Cat A liaison may propose that an existing standard from any source can
>be submitted directly for Fast Track. The ITTF then have to sort out
>any copyright blah blah so the text may be distributed without
>restriction etc. So the note is strictly correct; but some clarification
>would perhaps be of benefit :-)
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