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FW: Reassignment of Standards Intellectual Property work


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-----Original Message-----
From: Mary Shepherd []
Sent: Friday, July 23, 1999 7:34 AM
Subject: Reassignment of Standards Intellectual Property work

Dear friends and colleagues,

As many of you are aware, I have accepted a position outside the IEEE and
my last day in the office will be Friday, 23 July.   After that date,
responsibility for intellectual property (IP) matters affecting IEEE
Standards will be migrated or reassigned, according to a plan worked out
and agreed to by Karen Rupp, Susan Tatiner, Terry deCourcelle, Jerry
Walker, and Mary Lynne Nielsen.

Accordingly, if you have questions about Standards IP policies or matters,
please contact the following individuals:

Copyrights and Trademark Registrations/Infringements - Susan Tatiner,
Director, Standards Publishing Programs (, ext 3830).

Susan is purchasing certain copyright- and trademark-related services from
William Hagen, Manager IEEE Trademarks and Copyrights Office. For copyright
permission requests or copyright registrations, you can contact Bill
directly (, ext. 3966).

Patents, PatCom, RevCom IP review - Denise Pribula, Standards Staff
Engineer (, ext. 3809)

Submittal of IEEE Standards into International Standards Organizations
(ISO, IEC, ITU, etc.) and related IP issues- Terry deCourcelle, Standards
Director, Standards Process Support (, ext 3807).

Policies and Procedures - Mary Lynne Nielsen, Manager, Process Management
Improvement (, ext 3827).

Finally, the Standards Department will replace me with a full time
Contracts Administrator, reporting to Jerry Walker. This person will
continue to be responsible for licensing and contracts, including MOUs and
other business agreements that arise in connection with IEEE Standards
publications and programs.

I encourage you to relay this contact information to email reflectors or
individuals who may be affected by these changes.

In my 2 1/2 years with the Standards Department, I have been privileged to
work with a wonderful group of people, volunteers and staff alike.   Thank
you all
for the fond memories.

Very best regards,


Mary S. Shepherd
Administrator, Intellectual Property Rights
IEEE Standards Department
PH: 1.732.562.3804; FX: 1.732.562.1571

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