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Re: IEEE 802.11 with 11b wins the PC Magazine Award in thecategory of Network Standards


This is exciting news! I've sent a note to 802.16 reflector.

I would like to see this be widely publicized. I would be very 
disappointed if IEEE Spectrum didn't mention it. [I see that IEEE 
News Briefs does mention that 802.11 and 802.3ab are finalists, 
though it has the numbers backwards 

Speaking of Spectrum, I have a letter in the current (November) issue 
(page 14). It's about 802.16, and it says nice things about 802. If 
you have an IEEE web account, you can find the letter at 



>Las Vegas, 15 November, 1999,
>This night, PC Magazine granted the PC Magazine Award in the category of
>Network Standards to the following:
>Development Team
>IEEE 802.11 High Rate Standard Wireless LAN & Wireless Ethernet
>Compatibility Alliance
>I was at the Ceremony and could receive the award. I thanked PC Magazine for
>the award on behalf of the team.
>The first photo is on the homepage.
>I am very proud that I could enjoy this experience on behalf of the whole
>It is just a rough picture, but I do not have the tools to improve and to
>shrink the file size. Could you do that once you are back home, Stuart?
>Regards.  Vic