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Re: OID motion


I already have you down for a Motion-External, 10 minutes, at 8:30
on Monday morning.


I added an item about the administrative withdrawal of 802.12,
802.12c and 802.12d.  I note that all of these are on the December
RevCom agenda for 5 year review, with a recommendation to withdraw them.
The item goes on as an II on monday, and we'll put an ME on
Thursday evening's agenda.  This gives the WG chairs time to
check with their WGs.


I have attached a PRELIMINARY draft of the monday
morning agenda.  Jim hasn't given me feedback yet, because I sent
it to him just two days ago.  I will need your comments by Friday
morning, please. As you can see, we are already 5 minutes over
our alloted time.  If you can give back some of the time on your
agenda items, please let me know.  If you want to remove an
agenda item (like the cookie motion, for instance) please
let me know.

For those who worry about such things, we are on track to 
distribute Y2K+1 802 standards CDs next week.  The master
is at the duplicator, and they are pressing the CDs.