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OID motion

I have asked Hal Keen to resend me his old notes on ARC's in case some of
you may not know what an ARC is.

Jim Carlo( Cellular:1-214-693-1776 Voice&Fax:1-214-853-5274
TI Fellow, Networking Standards at Texas Instruments
Chair, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 Telecom and Info Exchange Between Systems
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
Object identifier arcs for IEEE standards:  Procedures and known assignments

The following procedures are based on those documented in March, 1995.
They have been edited for generality (e.g., removing an assumption that
Don Loughry is the 802 Chair) and to reflect current status of 802.1F.

These are being sent to the LMSC Exec for two purposes:
 (a) preservation for possible future use, and
 (b) review and acceptance in their newly edited form.
I believe Paul Nikolich expects to take charge of them for these purposes.

 -- Hal Keen

   ================    Procedures    ===============

    1.  To ensure tracking of all registration activity, the RAC Secretary
        is copied on all communications with respect to object identifier
        arc assignments for IEEE standards use.

    2.  To ensure proper authorization, a request is forwarded to a
        Standards Department liaison by an appropriate officer of the
        project making the request.  In 802's case, the LMSC Chair will
        make the requests.

    3.  To ensure the proper degree of preparation, the request is
        accompanied by a copy of a page from the draft standard,
        illustrating the use to which the arc will be put.

    4.  To ensure correct designations, the Standards Department verifies
        the title against the Standard or active PAR, and corrects it if

    5.  The Standards Department prints a copy of the request form letter
        to ANSI, on IEEE letterhead, incorporating the appropriate status,
        number, and title information.  (Note:  The form is obtained from

    6.  A Standards Department staff member signs the request and forwards
        it to ANSI for action.

    7.  When an assignment from ANSI is received, it is recorded in the
        Standards Department files and reported to the requestor for
        incorporation in the standard, with a copy to the RAC Secretary.

The following points are specific to Project 802:

    8.  This procedure supersedes the procedural portions in Annex C of
        Std 802.1F.

    9.  The administrative guidelines for 802 information object
        identifiers, published in 802.1F subclause C.4, remain in effect.
        In particular, allocation tables are needed for many of the
        standards for which arcs are requested or have been already

   ================    Summary of 802 Arcs    ===============

I am aware of the following 802 ANSI object identifier arc assignments.  In
the case of 802.1, which has multiple assignments, the respective standards
are listed as well.

ANSI assignments all derive from the parent arc:
        iso(1) member-body(2) us(840)

It is the numbers, not the textual descriptions, which uniquely identify
an arc.  Where available, the text used in a standard or draft is copied.
In some cases (.6, .9), where it was not handy, likely text is supplied.

   Group        Assignment
  -------       ----------

   802.1        LAN/MAN Management:           ieee802-1B(10007)
                System Load Protocol:         ieee802dot1partE(10010)
                IEEE 802 Common Definitions:  ieee802dot1partF(10011)
                MAC Bridges:                  ieee802dot1D(10009)

   802.2        ieee802-2(10032)

   802.3        802dot3(10006)
                also uses non-ANSI arc:  iso(1) std(0) iso8802(8802) csma(3)

   802.4        none

   802.5        ieee802-5(10033)

   802.6        ieee802dot6(10034)

   802.7        none yet, and none anticipated

   802.8        none yet, and none anticipated

   802.9        ieee802dot9(10035)

   802.10       ieee-802dot10(10022)

   802.11       ieee802dot11(10036)

   802.12       802dot12(10037)

   802.14       none yet
   802.15       none yet
   802.16       none yet