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Re: +++ Ballot: Response to IEEE-SA Balloting Survey

I approve.


At 08:00 10/11/00 -0600, Jim Carlo wrote:

>Issue Date: 10Nov2000 Closing Date: 17Nov2000
>Moved By: Jim Carlo
>Move: Submit the following Balloting System Comments
>The invitations to ballot should be sent only by the means by which the
>ballot will be conducted
>The balloting center should stop using paper based systems for communication
>with its customers
>IEEE-SA should not MANDATE that all Sponsor Ballots be conducted through the
>balloting service:
>    +IEEE 802 does support encouragement for all groups to use the IEEE
>Ballot center.
>    +There may be circumstances where a different ballot approach is
>Codify in writing procedures for Electronic Balloting, in particular define
>all critical path dependencies external to the balloting service.
>    +Check list for submitters
>    +Check list for IEEE-SA staff
>The IEEE-SA balloting service should set up metrics on their performance and
>report these metrics at the quarterly standards board meeting
>Turn-around time (recommend a 24-hour goal) for ballot service processes
>(e.g., time from sponsor approval to invitation, time from balloting closing
>to reporting of results )
>    +Number of ballots conducted, and other statistics.
>1) This response was developed by Tony Jeffree, Geoff Thompson in adhoc.
>2) The Ballot Survey Solicitation was:
>Dear Standards Developer:
>A motion was unanimously approved at the 21 September IEEE-SA Standards
>Board meeting to address two important issues regarding balloting.   The
>motion that was approved would:
>1)  encourage all IEEE balloting groups to utilize the IEEE balloting
>center, and
>2)  move toward the exclusive use of electronic balloting
>To date, there have been more than 30 successful electronic ballots
>conducted by the IEEE balloting center.  The service provided is
>convenient, reliable and valid, and saves both time and money.
>Invitations to ballot are still done by mail, and this step will be the
>next piece of the process to be "electronicized".
>Today, approximately 99% of all ballots conducted are administered by the
>IEEE balloting center.   Based upon the IEEE Balloting Center's excellent
>service and their commitment to expediency, the IEEE balloting staff would
>like ALL balloting groups to come under the IEEE balloting center umbrella.
>A "chat area" has been set up on the web for the purpose of stating your
>views and opinions on the two issues stated above.
>Please go to:
>Click on the topic "Feedback Related to Balloting Center Usage and
>Electronic Balloting"
>To post a new message, click "New" (button on left-hand side)
>To view a message, click on the message
>To reply to a message, click "Reply" at the bottom of the page
>  We look forward to receiving your comments by 31 October.
>Don Heirman
>Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board