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[802SEC] P802.11d/D3 Recirculation Ballot Result & Passage to RevCom

Per Procedure 10 of the 802 Operating Rules, for Conditional Approval to
Forward a Draft Standard, as minuted in the Closing SEC meeting on March
15th, 2001, under item "4.09 ME Cond App 802.11d International Roaming to
RevCom". I have the pleasure to inform you that the recirculation of the
draft was affirmed by the sponsor balloting group, per the Ballot results

Ballot Summary
P802.11d/D3 Recirculation
Closing date: 2001-04-13
This is a recirculation ballot. The report collates the results from the
following groups: 0000065 0000096.
1. This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement.
55 eligible people in this ballot group.
42 affirmative votes
0 negative votes
1 abstention votes
43 votes received = 78% returned
2% abstention
2. The 75% affirmation requirement is being met.
42 affirmative votes
0 negative votes
42 votes = 100% affirmative

I have submitted all the necessary paperwork to Dave Ringle at the IEEE for
inclusion on the agenda of RevCom for June 2001.

Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Working Group

Attached is my vCard for Contact Information:

Stuart J. Kerry.vcf