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[802SEC] Draft SOW for P&P revision support from SA


Per Paul's request I have been working on a Statement of Work for SA support in updating the LMSC Policy and Procedures.  The primary goal is get our P&P reformatted along the lines of the model P&P, make sure it doesn't have any holes or fatal conflicts with documents having precedence over our own, and arrange for possible ongoing support to clear the back log of the many P&P changes people want to try.  

The attached document is a draft, and I don't anticipate final approval of anything prior to the March meeting.  However, I would like to pass something to the SA for comment well prior to the March meeting, so that hopefully a full consensus can be reached between us and SA at the March meeting.  If you have any critical comments, please get them to me within the next week so I can incorporate you comments into this document before I "formally" informally pass it to the SA to comment on.  I suppose posting the document on this reflector makes them aware of it anyway.

Looking forward to your comments.

Thanks and Regards,

 <<Draft 4.0 Statement of Work for SA PP Support.doc>> 
Matthew Sherman, PhD
Senior Member Technical Staff
Office: +1 973.633.6344

Draft 4.0 Statement of Work for SA PP Support.doc