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[802SEC] Liaison statements to 3GPP TSG RAN and RAN1 from IEEE 802 LMSC

Dear EC members,
Below is the email I sent to the 3GPP TSG RAN/RAN1 chairs as per our decision via the recently completed EC email ballot.  JohnD, please post in the liaison section of the 802 web page.  Thank you.
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Sent: 5/18/2015 6:32:28 PM
Subject: Liaison statements to 3GPP TSG RAN and RAN1 from IEEE 802 LMSC
Dear Dino and Satoshi,
Please see the attached liaison statement to 3GPP TSG RAN and RAN1 from IEEE 802 LMSC, prepared at last week's 802 interim session held in Vancouver Canada.   I am pleased to see our groups communicate regularly, sharing detailed information regarding LAA via liaisons and in person. Havish did a great job presenting the current status of the LAA work and handling many questions. 
I look forward to continued interactions and a strengthening of cooperation among our groups and other stakeholdes in this very important area.  You will notice the renewed request for a 'coexistence workshop'.  I know it will be difficult to arrange, yet I remain optimistic that we will be able to host it in July, please keep me posted on feedback from your participants.
--Paul Nikolich
Chairman, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
IEEE Fellow
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