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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ EC motion for 15.4q conditional approval


As it is conditional approval, can you provide a link to the package?

Also, on the call, it seemed like the set of unsatisfied comments provided by the TG only included those that were rejected. A comment is unsatisfied, even if accepted or revised, unless the voter says it is satisfied.

To simplify the TGs work, only my last set of comments are unsatisfied, the ones in the prior ballots are fine. I have been meaning to get a ruling from ProCom on a disapprove voter that submits comments in multiple ballots, but it is not at the top of my list. (Are all of the comments still valid? Or do the new ones take precedence?).

Also, did the ballot resolution committee update the ballot resolutions for any of the comments?

Multiple (at least 18) rejected comment was given the reason "Rejected, Editorial comment will be deferred to sponsor ballot and please re-submit at sponsor ballot."

I am pretty sure that is not a correct rejection reason as the ballot group cannot defer a comment to Sponsor ballot. A voter may choose to withdraw the comment (this seems to be acceptable to RevCom, yet there is nothing in the rules regarding this), but the TG cannot defer it.

I think the BRC is scheduled to meet soon, they could update the resolutions to conform to RevCom criteria (our WG ballots, by the IEEE 802 P&P, adopt the Sponsor ballot rules).

Finally, the summary of unsatisfied comments, in addition to not having all the comments from the unresolved no voters, doesn't have line number, clause numbers or page numbers, so it is hard to reconcile with the draft.


James Gilb

On 06/11/2015 03:49 PM, Bob Heile wrote:

I consulted with Paul after the EC Telecon last week and he suggested I
do two things, one being to cancel and reform the sponsor ballot pool
for 15.4q, which seemed to be the principal objection, and after that
was underway, to conduct an EC email ballot re-seeking the conditional
approval, which he authorized me to conduct when ready. Based on the
call discussion, I had already decided the pool needed to be reformed.
That is in process. The original ballot pool has been terminated and a
new invitation started.  The invitation is scheduled to close on June 20
23:59 et. A notification email was sent to the old pool indicating that
if they still had interest they would need to sign up again and to not
ignore the invitation.  I am hoping that will help avoid any surprises.

Assuming the current in process recirculation within the WG is
successful, the Task Group could pick up a full month in its schedule.
While this does not seem to save that much time, it could over time and
it is an important milestone.  I am expecting a lively sponsor ballot so
the sooner we get started the better.  Your support would be much

To wit:

802.15 moves that the EC grant conditional approval to submit 802.15.4q
draft D5.0 to Sponsor Ballot.

moved by Bob Heile
seconded by Clint Chaplin

Start of ballot: 2015-06-11

Close of ballot: 2015-06-21, 23:59 UTC-12

Early close: As required in subclause 4.1.2 'Voting rules' of the IEEE
802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Operations Manual, this is notice
that, to ensure the release is provided in a timely manner, this ballot
may close early once sufficient responses are received to clearly decide
a matter.

Sufficient responses to clearly decide this matter will be based on the
required majority for a motion under subclause 7.1.1 'Actions requiring
approval by a majority vote' item (h), 'Other motions brought to the
floor by members (when deemed in order by the Sponsor Chair)' of the
IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Policies and Procedures.



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