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Re: [802SEC] Press release about 802.11's 25th anniversary


Well, if IEEE-SA issues it as their opinion, then they are the only ones that need to approve it AFAIK.

If it is to be issued as IEEE 802's position, then the EC would need to approve it.

If it is only to be issued as IEEE 802.11's position, then only the WG needs to approve it, but it needs to clearly state that it is not the opinion of 802 or IEEE.

I am pretty sure you can run a WG letter ballot of short duration as this is not a standards development issue. Typically when this is done, non-response to the ballot doesn't count against voting rights.

(The above is IMHO, IANAL, etc. I just don't feel like chasing down all the relevant passages.)

That said, I think it wouldn't hurt for EC approval. If we have a heads up on it (and we do) then it should take more than a few days to complete the ballot.

James Gilb

On 06/10/2015 11:40 PM, Stephens, Adrian P wrote:
Dear EC,


The IEEE-SA are planning a number of press engagements to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 802.11.
They are planning to make a press release for the date of the celebration:  15th July,
which requires them to have a draft to work with IEEE Corporate Communications on June 22nd.

So far,  this is a press release about 802.11 by IEEE-SA.
I have indicated that I would like to contribute content to this,  as I think the volunteers
doing the work might have something relevant to say.

The question in my mind is what approvals are needed.
Is WG approval needed?   Is EC approval needed?   If the answer to both is "yes",  then
we cannot hit their deadlines.

If we do a 10-day EC ballot,  we need the copy available now,  and the WG has no involvement.

I propose to work with the WG officers on content middle next week,  which is the earliest we
can get together and then ask for a 10-day EC ballot with early close.

Best Regards,


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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.