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[802SEC] Liaison of P802.11ah D5.0 to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6

Dear EC members,


As is our practice,  802.11 wishes to liaise P802.11ah (currently in sponsor ballot) to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 for comment,  so that any comments

received can be handled by the BRC/CRC.   802.11ah will be the last 802.11 standard before the IEEE-SA’s public review process applies,

so future liaisons might be pointers to the public review process,  plus making the draft available.


I will include a cover letter indicating the status of 802.11ah and indicating that comments are welcome on P802.11ah,  and that they will passed to the ballot/comment resolution

committee for consideration.


I’m not sure exactly what approval from the EC is required for this liaison.  But if we consider this a liaison to an SDO,  then the IEEE LMSC OM

section 8.1 applies.

Accordingly,  please consider this a notification under 8.1.2:

“8.1.2 Sponsor subgroup communications with other standards bodies

a) Sponsor subgroup communications with external standards bodies that are not

"Information Only" should be copied to affected members of the Sponsor.

b) Sponsor subgroup communications with external standards bodies shall not imply that

they represent the position of IEEE or IEEE 802 LMSC. They shall be issued by the

Sponsor subgroup Chair(s) and the Sponsor Chair shall be included in the distribution



The draft is available here:

EC members should all be able to access this.  But if you can’t,  do let me know.


Best Regards,




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