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[802SEC] Comments on P802.3 PARs


Hear are my comments:


PAR comments:

2.1: The title appears to be wrong "Approved Draft Standard for Ethernet", shouldn't it be "Standard for Ethernet"? If this is a myProject issue, when simply refer it to the NesCom administrator.

5.2.b: The scope defines data rates but not the media or distance (or equivalent measure). Is wireless a valid media for this project? Free-space optics? Near-field? Please specify the targeted media (copper, backplane, optical, carrier pigeon, ...) and the target distance (e.g., typically 1 m).

CSD comments:

Distinct Identity: The reasoning here indicates that 802.3bs will have 200 Gb/s, but not over "backplanes, twin-axial copper cables and MMF" However, as the scope does not limit the media, this project appears to be a superset of 802.3bs. If it isn't, the scope should be written to restrict the work so that it does not overlap.


PAR comments:

5.2.b: "as amended by the IEEE P802.3by project." The scope is to be written as present tense, i.e., that IEEE P802.3by has been completed (otherwise it would not amend IEEE 802.3-2015). However, once .3by is approved, it is automatically part of 802.3 and you don't need to call out all of the amendments.

I suspect the problem is that 5.3 should be marked as Yes and IEEE P802.3by be listed. Then delete "as amended by the IEEE P802.3by project."

5.2.b: The need states that the goal is 100 m SMF, this should be stated in the Scope, i.e., change "operation by specifying" to be "operation at reaches greater than 100 m by specifying"

CSD comments:

Distinct Identity: The reasoning states that there is no other 25 Gb/s PHY with > 100 m reach, yet this is not a requirement in the scope. If this requirement is added to the scope, then the statement here would be true.


PAR comments:

5.2.b: Present tense is required in the scope, hence the PAR cannot say "may be enabled". Change to "are enabled" or "are optionally enabled" or "are enabled as an option"

8.1: Typo, change "5.2B" to be "5.2.b"

CSD comments: No comments.


PAR comments:

5.2.b: The physical media is not identified for these data rates nor is the reach. Please add to the scope that these data rates are defined for single-mode fiber and add a range target, e.g., at ranges greater than 1 km

CSD comments:

Distinct Identity: Change "200 Gb/s over single-mode fiber and 400
Gb/s Ethernet" to be "200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s Ethernet over single-mode fiber"


James Gilb

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