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[802SEC] Comments on 802.1Qcr PAR


Here are my comments.

PAR comments:

5.6: Spell out the acronyms for IC and NIC as per Nescom conventions.

8.1: Per NesCom conventions, items in 8.1 require an item number to precede the text. To what section number does this text refer?

CSD comments:

1.2.1: Spell out TSN here.

"Broad industrial network control systems, Mission critical systems as found in, but not limited to, current and next generation Automotive Systems require low and predictable latencies while utilizing reliable transport and avoiding common cause failure dependencies"

I can't quite parse this sentence and it has random capitalization. I would suggest formatting this as a bulleted list.

1.2.2 While it is true that amending 802.1Q implies conformance to IEEE 802.1Q, the group should specify: a) The modifications won't affect other 802 standards conformance to 802.1Q
 b) If it conforms to 802.1AC and 802.

1.2.3: Spell out FQTSS


James Gilb

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