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Re: [802SEC] infrastructure


As I noted – a general term is needed.


Your comment about Automotive Ethernet misses the point that the Ethernet connections do connect to something – in  this case – the infrastructure associated with the automobile – which may not be the right term – but it gets the point.


Perhaps simply “network” works?




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And my $0.02.*

Not all 802 networks connect to infrastructure, and many connect indirectly.  Two that come to mind are automotive Ethernet, 802.15.4 in applications such as remote controls and body worn devices using 802.15.4 and 802.15.6.  Many 15.4 applications are peer-to-peer, for example, where the infrastructure tie is out of scope of the 802 project. 

I think both the highlighted costs are relevant to a few applications of 802, but are hold overs from when those were about all we did...and that's been a long time past :-).

Maybe we should re-evaluate the purpose of the "balanced cost" and perhaps simply drop it.   What was the point, again? (Pat explained it to me once but I forgot).


* no guarantees it's worth even that much

On 6/30/2020 9:35 AM, wrote:


My two cents ahead of the July 7 meeting

Not all WG solutions are connecting to a LAN.

For example the IEEE P802.3cw and P802.3ct projects are defining solutions that connect to a DWDM-based DCI interconnect system – clearly not a LAN.

While I understand your point – the proposed terminology “LAN” is insufficient at addressing all of the networks that an 802 solution may be defined for anymore.

So I would argue infrastructure is a better general term – but recognize your concern.

Maybe better approach is to come up with and define a better general term.




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Subject: [802SEC] infrastructure




I would like to propose that we change an aspect of the CSD to improve the effectiveness of the review of CSDs by other WGs.


The background and my proposal for discussion is described here:


I have requested agenda time on July 7th to discuss.







Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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