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Re: [802SEC] infrastructure

Glenn – reading through your presentation, it occurred to me that the term ‘infrastructure’ is particular to the standard being addressed.  802.1 operates at a higher level than the physical layer standards, so infrastructure involving higher layer network elements is appropriate to consider.  802.3 operates with an installed medium to connect the stations, so infrastructure an installed lan medium (cabling as you say) is appropriate here. 802.11 and 802.15 operate without an installed medium but still as physical layer connections, so the wireless distribution infrastructure is important here.


It seems that in each case, the comparison of attached stations vs. what the relevant infrastructure is, is still a valid one.


Looking at your options, you seem to have left out the one that is partially accomplished, and would fit the above –

You point out that 802.11 defines the term infrastructure, and 802.1Q ALMOST defines infrastructure (infrastructure segment isn’t quite the same thing, but leads one that infrastructure is the collection of infrastructure segments).


Perhaps what is needed is that each base standard needs to define what it considers infrastructure.

The question is where to define the term.  IEEE Std 802.3-2018 doesn’t define infrastructure and actually only uses the word ONCE in the entirety of 802.3-2018, in a note, which relates to the public telephone network copper loop plant, clearly not what is meant across the whole standard:

61.7 System Considerations


NOTE—It is recognized that an EFM Copper system may have to comply with additional requirements and/or

restrictions outside the scope of this standard (see 61.6 and 61.8 for examples) in order to be allowed to be connected to

a public infrastructure in a certain geographic area or regulatory environment.


Obviously, this is not helpful.


I’m thinking that the right thing is to define the term for 802.3 in a different document, perhaps in section 4.5 of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group Operations Manual, which deals with the CSDs?




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