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Re: [802SEC] Framemaker licenses

I vote (1). 

It will speed up the publication process in many cases.  Here is a quote from IEEE our editorial staff contact:

"The submission of amendments in Word will continue to slow down publication. I understand the reason behind this decision, but I do believe it may be in the best interest of the group to revisit working completely in FrameMaker."

The providing licenses will improved efficiency in the process.   I know of at least two projects in which the cost of a Framemaker license is what drove the decision to use word (one of which was the subject of the above quote). 

On 7/29/2020 9:51 AM, James P. K. Gilb wrote:

After ignoring my action items for about a year, others have done most of the hard work and so I can report the following;

5 Framemaker licenses that can be shared among editors, assigned for periods of time and then switcthed to new editors as necessary, will cost just under $2500/year ($400+ dollars per yearly license).

The motion passed last July said:
Move that the LMSC authorize the purchase of Framemaker subscription licenses with a cost not to exceed $1000 for a time period not to extend past December 2020 as a test. Technical Editors who want access to these licenses will contract the LMSC First Vice Chair, who will determine the distribution of the licenses.

So, I would need a new motion to authorize $2500 for a time period not to extend past December 2021.

Or we could go for fewer license to try it out.

Please respond with one of:
1) I think we should go for $2500
2) Keep it to $1000 with fewer licenses
3) Drop the idea.

This is sort of a straw poll, so anyone can respond.  But note that actually spending the money will require a majority of the voting members of the EC at a meeting.


James Gilb

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