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[802SEC] closing EC mixed mode meeting protocol

Dear EC Members and Participants,

For those individuals that will join me at IEEE HQ Ada conference room for the in person segment of the mixed mode closing EC meeting, please bring headsets or ear buds with microphones to connect to your laptop, tablet or phone connected to the webex application. They are necessary for the audio portion of the electronic meeting.  Based on my small scale experiments this is the simplest and effective way to avoid audio feedback.

We will observe what has become our usual electronic meeting practice of having everyone to be on mute except for the chair and a person that is granted the floor, regardless if your are co-located with me in person or remote.  Everyone shall disable their video cameras, except optionally for the chair and the person granted the floor.

I plan to have my laptop webex application window displayed on the Ada LCD projector and to connect to the audio using my mobile phone with ear buds for the duration of the meeting.

Following this protocol should enable us to have an effective meeting and may be a best practice basis for similar mixed mode meetings going forward.



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