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Re: [802SEC] Share the pain

I suggested this last year and still endorse the idea.  It was shot down at the time, but well worth reconsideration IMO.
Issues identified when we discussed it before (from my notes and memory, neither is complete) to fuel discussion:
  • When people attend meetings on-site, everyone else realizes they are "gone" but for virtual meetings not so much
    • Thus, the "day job" responsibilities often must also be maintained in the attendee's local time zone
    • Counter: for those not in ET, this is already an issue. All meeting slots are the middle of the night for some
    • Counter: this may increase opportunity to attend by using more of the 24 hour day (sleep is optional?) [I listed this as both pro and con]
  • IMAT has some issues that were brought up.  However we use IMAT in other time zones so I think the conclusion was so long as we pick one it works (correct me please if I remember this wrong)
  • The selection of physical venue does not always represent the location of a majority of attendees


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Subject: [802SEC] Share the pain

G’day all


It appears that we are going to be stuck with remote meetings for a while. Recently, this has meant that IEEE 802 week has been held in ET, which is great for the US but not so great for other parts of the world. I would like to suggest that we start sharing the time zone pain. Maybe one simple compromise in the short term is to schedule meeting hours to align with the location in which the meeting was originally planned. For example that, would mean the November IEEE 802 meeting times would be aligned with PT. Thoughts?


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