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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802 future meeting vision ad hoc

Andrew – thank you for getting this started.

For those having difficulty with the link, if you copy it and edit it, you’ll find it inadvertently got some extra text from the line – at least it confused my computer...  Below is a fixed version.



I plan to offer a submission related to questions on slide 11 based on my experiences both as a chair and a participant in meetings. I will also cull notes from the other ad hoc and try to summarize issues that have come up.




From: Andrew Myles (amyles) <>
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2021 11:39 PM
To:; George Zimmerman <>;;;;; Beth Kochuparambil (edonnay) <>;;;;;
Subject: IEEE 802 future meeting vision ad hoc


G’day all


cc: IEEE 802 EC for information


You (in to: line) may recall that you volunteered some time ago to participate in the IEEE 802  future meeting vision ad hoc. I decided to hold off starting work  until the Sep 2021 interims were complete, so that we could draw on yet more experience of remote operations during our deliberations.


I have prepared a starter deck (ec-21-0227) for the ad hoc that will hopefully inspire you to participate and contribute. The executive summary is:

  • In mid Aug 2021, the IEEE 802 EC Chair established the future meeting vision ad hoc
  • A reasonably diverse and very experienced group of people have now volunteered for the ad hoc …
  • … based on an email that explained the problem to be addressed and some subsequent discussion that highlighted various questions
  • An ad hoc teleconference will start by discussing some fundamental questions about remote only ops
    • A teleconference will be scheduled when we have submissions … or promises of submissions
    • On the basis that there will be at least promises … a Doodle poll is now open


So this e-mail represents a:

  • Call for submissions, particularly related to questions on slide 11 of  ec-21-0227
  • Request to fil out the Doodle poll


Andrew Myles

Manager, Cisco Standards

Andrew Myles
Manager, Enterprise Standards
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