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[802SEC] +Correction+ 802 next gen coordination/brainstorm meeting -- tentatively scheduled for 16:00- 17:30 ET Wed 03 NOV 2021

The correct date for the meeting is Wednesday 03 November 2021, not 03 December, my apologies. --Paul

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From: "Paul Nikolich" <>
Cc: "dot00 R-Sec John D'Ambrosia" <>; "James Lansford" <>; "George Zimmerman" <>; "Restuccia, Francesco" <>
Sent: 10/6/2021 3:35:11 PM
Subject: 802 next gen coordination/brainstorm meeting -- tentatively scheduled for 16:00- 17:30 ET Wed 03 DEC 2021

Dear 802 EC members and 802 participants,

I didn't get a chance to give my 802 restructuring Strategy sub ad hoc report yesterday due to time constraints, therefore I'm delivering it via the EC reflector. Since this past July, I have been working with Jim Lansford, George Zimmerman and Francesco Restuccia on organizing a 90 minute virtual "802 next gen coordination/brainstorm workshop" to be held prior to the November plenary session. We have modified the date/time to 16:00-17:30 ET Wednesday 03 November 2021 in order avoid overlap with the 03 Nov 2021 Wireless Chairs Standing Committee.

Via an email on 29 Sept 2021, John D'Ambrosia made a fair point regarding revising title/scope of the workshop, therefore  I've modified the title, scope and goals as follows:

Title: 802 next gen coordination/brainstorm workshop

a) Provide a platform for 802 groups to exchange information on their next gen activities
b) Provide an 802-wide platform for developers of early-stage technologies (e.g., academic and industrial researchers), to introduce the technologies to the 802 community well before they may be ready for incorporation into an 802 technical standards project. 

a) Ensure the wider 802 community is familiar with the 
b) Educate researchers on the 802 process, introduce them to the 802 community and enable them to make their research more relevant to the interests of the 802 community.  Ideally, some of these early-stage technologies will eventually be incorporated in to a relevant 802 standard project.

Next Steps:
Depending on the outcome/feedback from this workshop, to consider holding similar workshops (once suggestion is to call it an 802 symposium) on a regular basis, perhaps annually prior to the November plenary sessions.

The tentative agenda for the 802 next gen coordination/brainstorm workshop as follows:

a) have the leader of each 802 next gen group present 5-10 minutes on their activities:
    - Roger Marks on 802.1/Nendica, 
    - Jon Lewis on 802.3/New Ethernet Applications, 
    - Jim Lansford on 802.11/WNG, 
    - Ben Rolfe on 802.15/WNG and 
    - Tim Godfrey on 802.24 VNA.

b) spend 10-15 minutes exploring collaborative next-gen opportunities across 802,

c) invite academic/corporate researchers to brainstorm with 802 participants on new next gen topics

d) organize next steps to continue next gen 802 work

We seek your support on contributing to this effort.  



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