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[802SEC] 802.11 Reply to 802.1 feedback

802.1 Feedback to 802.11bk (CSD)

1. It is understood that IEEE Std 802.1AS is not listed as one of the standards by which to

comply, however IEEE Std 802.1AS uses information supplied through the service

primitives of Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) and Timing Measurement (TM). Will this

project make any changes to these primitives so as to make them incompatible with

IEEE Std 802.1AS?

               802.11bk response to 802.1:

Thank for your question, our response is that none of the conceived modifications will impact current compatibility of

P802.11 and P802.1AS.

There is no plan to make changes to the primitives.

2.  To make clear that ‘x’ in the text below means multiplication, we suggest using the

multiplication sign from the MS Word symbol template (i.e. ‘×’). If the ‘x’ does not mean

multiplication, then further clarification is needed

               802.11bk response to 802.1:

               Requested change made in document 11-22-1353-03:




Best Regards,

Jonathan Segev, 802.11 TGaz Chair

Dorothy Stanley, 802.11 WG Chair


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