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[802SEC] Response to IEEE 802.1 Comments - IEEE P802.3df / IEEE P802.3dj PARs

The IEEE P802.3df Task Force would like to thank IEEE 802.1 WG for its
review.  Based on input received from groups in IEEE 802, it has become
apparent that more confusion was caused by our efforts to be transparent
regarding the division of work within the currently approved IEEE P802.3df

To help correct that situation, two steps are being taken:  
1.	Attached, please find a copy of a chart that illustrates the
multiple IEEE P802.3df PMDs being targeted by the current IEEE P802.3df PAR,
and how they would be divided into the modified IEEE P802.3df PAR and the
new IEEE P802.3dj PAR.
2.	The introductory text of the proposed CSD files has been updated to
better describe the contents of each file.  

Regarding your input on the IEEE P802.3df PAR: Item 4.2 "Expected Date of
submission of draft to the IEEE SA for Initial Standards Committee Ballot" :

		The IEEE P802.3df Task Force  adopted date is Nov 2023.  Due
to issues with the Myproject system, a date earlier than 2024 could not be
entered.  Post processing by IEEE SA was required after submission of the
PAR to NesCom.  The updated PAR reflects the adopted Nov 2023 date.

Regarding your input on the IEEE P802.3dj CSD - "Distinct Identity"
		The intended Distinct Identity Response is on page 17 of the
submitted CSD File.
		The second bullet, which addresses the distinct identity is
related to 800Gb/s Ethernet, is being modified to read:
				The proposed amendment will be the first
IEEE 802.3 standard defining 200 Gb/s, 400 Gb/s, and 800 Gb/s Ethernet
physical layer specifications based on 200 Gb/s or greater per lane
signaling technologies. 

Based on these comments and issues raised during the IEEE 802.3df Task Force
on 16 Nov 2021:
*	The IEEE P802.3df PAR was updated and can be accessed at <
*	The IEEE P802.3df CSD was updated and can be accessed at <
*	The IEEE P802.3dj PAR was updated and can be accessed at <
*	The IEEE P802.3dj CSD was updated and can be accessed at <

Best Regards,
John D'Ambrosia


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