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Re: [802SEC] Maintenance PARs - 802.1Q and 802.1AS


An 802.1Q amendment PAR is appropriate at this point because we have 3 amendments currently in SA Ballot, with further amendments under development and likely to enter SA ballot in 2024. The amendment PAR only references one amendment (P802.1Qcz) because that is the only amendment that we will be seeking permission to forward to RevCom at this meeting.  Our intent is currently to complete the revision during a gap between amendment approvals.

Of more relevance is that after consultation with staff editors we are adopting a policy of rolling up amendments into full text drafts for revision as each amendment completes. This rolling up process aims are avoiding issues we have encountered in the past where complete text has not been available until after the amendment has been approved and the base text for subsequent amendment has not been clear. Discovering those issues when those most involved in the amendments have moved on is not satisfactory. Since this base rolled up text has to be made available to working group participants it should be the subject of an authorized project.

Similar considerations apply to the ongoing development of 802.1AS, which was the other revision PAR we put forward.




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Subject: Re: [802SEC] Maintenance PARs - 802.1Q and 802.1AS




Looking at 802.1Q, I certainly don’t understand from the “copy and paste” response to 5.5 Need why a revision is required to a recently published revision (2022) with possibly only one amendment rolled up into the next revision.  Were I on the EC, you would need to answer the Need better to get my vote.  Are the changes from the one Amendment so significant that the user base for the standard would significantly benefit from the merge?  Was the last revision rushed resulting in so many maintenance requests that an immediate new revision is needed?  Or is the Need for an immediate revision something else not really addressed by the generic response to rollup amendments and maintenance changes?





On Mar 14, 2023, at 2:59 PM, Glenn Parsons <> wrote:




Two proposed PARs for maintenance rollups of both 802.1Q and 802.1AS are posted here:



These are maintenance PARs to rollup the approved and published amendments of 802.1Q and 802.1AS into new base standards with no new functionality added -- i.e., no CSD requirement and pre-circulate up to 48 hours before the closing EC.  


Paul has confirmed this as an ordinary item, so this is for consideration at the Friday EC.


FYI, a timeline of these standards was presented to the 802.1 opening plenary:






Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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