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[802SEC] Results from today's P802-REVc meeting


I presented the following:

I took notes in it, the updated version can be found at:

The updated comment spreadsheet is revision 10, and can be found at:

We have 18 comments left unresolved.

Some actions have been assigned to generate text this week.

CID 74: Paul Bottroff will lead drafting of a new paragraph
CID 109: Marks – Present the inconsistent usage of EPD and LPD
CID 122: Parsons to find someone to help add normative references to 802.1Q. Also add some sort of a Bridge definition in the right place (i.e., In this standard, the term “Bridge” (capitalized) refers to an IEEE Std 802.1Q compliant bridge.)
CID 146: Gilb will make an attempt to rewrite.

James Gilb

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