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[802SEC] P802.11bn PAR and CSD for consideration at the JULY 2023 Plenary, minimum 30 day advance notice met

Dear 802 EC members,

Please see the attached P802.11bn PAR and CSD, which with this email are notified to
the 802 LMSC with the required minimum 30 days advance notice (per 9.2 in ). The 802.11 Working Group approved these documents in
March 2023.

The P802.11bn PAR and CSD documents are available on the Mentor server:

Let me know of any questions.

Thank you,



Dorothy Stanley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

+1 630-363-1389

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Attachment: 11-23-0079-05-0uhr-uhr-draft-proposed-csd.docx
Description: 11-23-0079-05-0uhr-uhr-draft-proposed-csd.docx

Attachment: 11-23-0480-01-0uhr-uhr-proposed-par.pdf
Description: 11-23-0480-01-0uhr-uhr-proposed-par.pdf