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stds-802-16: SYSREQ: Call for Contributions

[Notice: It is the policy of 802.16 to treat messages posted here as non-confidential.]

* Call for Contributions

The 802.16 System Requirements Task Group is working on a document that
describes system requirements that directly affect the development of the
802.16 air interface standard for broadband wireless access systems, as
described in the Project Authorization Request
(http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/16/interop/par.html).  It seeks input and
review by 802.16 members, participants and the industry to ensure that the
802.16 standards meets industry expectations.

The current working draft, accepted by the task group at 802.16 meeting #1
(6-8 July, 1999), is at

At meeting #1, we identified some key issues to resolve and asked for more
contributions.  Here are 9 specific issues we identified that need

1. Provide further description of bearer service attributes for the bearer
services described in section 2.2.  The intent is to identify specific
requirements of each bearer service that directly affect MAC and PHY

2. Additional contributions regarding delay and delay variation (jitter)
requirements.  One contribution to meeting #1, 802.16sc-99/21, described some
delay requirements from the perspective of ITU telephony requirements.  The
group agreed that more input is needed in this area, such as delay and jitter
requirements of non-telephony bearer services.

3. Contributions regarding error rate requirements.  The current draft cites
a very aggressive BER of 10E-9 for data services, allowing perhaps for reduced
error rates for other services.  The group desires more input regarding error
rate requirements, to relax the 10E-9 requirement and identify error rates
required for various bearer services.  Also, the group requires to know the
highest (worst) BER that would be accepted by 802 for data services such as
LAN bridging.

4. Provide input as to the requirements for specific connection types to be
carried by the MAC layer: permanent virtual circuit (PVC) and/or switched
virtual circuit (SVC).  Contributions describing the requirement for only one
or the other, or both, or "it doesn't matter" will be accepted.

5. Contribution specifying the particular requirements of IP version 6 (IPv6)
that may not be considered by the current draft's IP bearer service
requirements (section 2.2.4).

6. Provide concrete arguments for ATM vs. IP issues: IP (variable-length
frame) only service, ATM-only (fixed-length cell) service, or support for
both.  Contributions should demonstrate feasibility as part of a concrete

7. Input to a possible study group or sub-task-group for inclusion and
requirement for a wireless repeater capability in the air interface.
Contributions likely will be referred to a sub task group to study this issue.

8. Arguments pro- and con- for the elimination of the requirement for explicit
support of synchronous transfer mode (STM, SDH/PDH) service.

9. Provide a case for security requirements, particularly the recommendation
(or not) to use 802.10 security facilities.

Please submit contributions on these topics using the 802.16 Document
Submission Template
Submissions will be considered non-confidential and will be posted for public
access on the System Requirements Area of the 802.16 Web Site, unless you have
a strong requirement for password protection.  If you have a substantial
contribution and require some password protection or control over distribution
due to copyright or other confidentiality requirements, please contact Roger
Marks (r.b.marks@ieee.gov) to make arrangements.  However, the 802.16 group
encourages open, unprotected communications.

For consideration for incorporating your contribution in the System
Requirements document and at the August 4-6 meeting in Denver, submit your
contributions no later than Wednesday July 28, 1999 to the Editor of the
802.16 System Requirements Document (Brian Petry).

Thank you, from the System Requirements Task Group leadership:

George Fishel (Chair)
Communications Consulting Services
Shermans Dale, PA
tel: 717-582-2507

David Jarrett (Vice Chair)
Lucent Technologies
Milpitas, CA
tel: 408-952-7452

Brian Petry (Editor)
3Com Corp.
San Diego, CA
tel: 858-674-8533