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stds-802-16: RE: Published: Suggested Web-based Voting System for IEEE 802.16Broadband Wireless Access Working Group

Wow! Thanks all, that is exciting!!!

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Sent: Monday, January 24, 2000 9:53 AM
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Subject: Published: Suggested Web-based Voting System for IEEE
802.16Broadband Wireless Access Working Group

Title: Web-based Voting System for IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless 
Access Working Group

  Lynn Acker <mailto:ackerl@ibm.net>
  Kristi Ashton  <mailto:ashton@tesscom.com
  David Gauthier  <mailto:dgauthier12@hotmail.com>
  Sravani Bhattacharjee  <mailto:sravani.bhattacharjee@colorado.edu>

Document Number: IEEE 802.16-00/05

URL: <http://www.ieee802.org/16/docs/00/80216-00_05.pdf>

Note: I received this document on 3 December 1999. The delay in 
publication is partly due to my negligence and partly due to my 
intent to wait for an appropriate publication time. For the former, I 
heartily apologize to the contributors, who are students in the 
Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program University of Colorado 
at Boulder, and I acknowledge my appreciation for their efforts.

Before Session #4, I published a draft Proposal Evaluation Form and 
Scoring Process (IEEE 802.16-99/07) which dealt with on-site proposal 
evaluation and which solicited comments and suggestions on "ideas for 
collecting and processing the data of many evaluators." This 
responding contribution arrived after Session #4 and therefore too 
late to influence the on-site scoring process. Furthermore, in 
earlier meetings with the contributors, it appeared that the 
suggestions might be more appropriate to an electronic letter ballot 
process than to on-site proposal evaluation. Since the 802.16.2 
Coexistence Task Group plans to initiate a Working Group letter 
ballot at Session #6 in March, we need to get the machinery for such 
a ballot in place beforehand. Therefore, the current contribution is 


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