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<WPAN> 802.15.3a Call For Proposals (CFP)-THIRD NOTICE

CALL FOR INTENT: Due February 3, 2003

The Call for Intent is a process in which all interested parties are asked to identify their intention to submit proposals. YOU MUST DECLARE YOUR INTENT if you wish to submit a proposal. You may decide later, if necessary, to retract your intent, but it must be declared. The purpose of this call is to enable scheduling for the March 2003 Plenary meeting, and assignment of document numbers. All declarations must be submitted on or before February 3, 2003. No information regarding the proposal is necessary when declaring your intent.

Send your notification of intent to the TG3a Chair, Bob Heile (, with cc's to Chuck Brabenac ( and Rick Roberts (  If you do not get an acknowledgement within 2 business days please resend.

The goal is to hear all the proposals during the March 2003 Plenary meeting, although scheduling problems may delay some presentations until the May 2003 Interim meeting.
CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Due March 3, 2003

The purpose of the Call is to solicit proposals for an Alternate PHY which will permit achieving data rates of at least 110 Mbps in unlicensed bands when used with the proposed 802.15.3 MAC.

A copy of the PAR (document IEEE P802.15-02/370r2) can be found at:

and a copy of the Five Criteria (document IEEE P802.15-02/371r0) can be found at:
This CFP (the latest official version of which is located at solicits data that will fulfill this PAR for the creation of this amendment standard. Additionally, there are 2 other documents that are useful reading: (1) a summary of the 8 application presentations from the Study Group 3a call for applications and definition of the fundamental requirements implied by applications (draft document: IEEE P802.15-03/030 Alternate PHY Technical Requirements - latest revision) and (2) a list of expected performance and attribute criteria (draft document: IEEE P802.15-03/031 Alternate PHY Selection Criteria - latest revision). These criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals. The latest version of these documents can be found on the 802.15 TG3a download web page at:


All CFP submissions shall be made using the appropriate IEEE 802.15 document template with cover page. All proposals shall include a self-evaluation based upon Annex A of -03/031 (latest revision). The cover page, which is part of the template, releases the submission for the public use by the IEEE.

Rules for IEEE submissions and formats for Microsoft Word and Power Point documents may be found at:
The selection criteria, document IEEE P802.15-03/031 (latest revision), will be used to evaluate the proposals. It is expected that each presentation will be one hour in length including time for questions. The submission can contain supporting documentation to provide more details than the presentation. The amount of detail and supporting material is expected to vary widely between submissions. A more complete submission could improve the candidate proposals' standing.
Once the evaluation process has completed, the down selection voting will occur. The down selection procedure is documented in 03/041 (latest revision).  Again, the latest versions of these documents can be found on the 802.15 TG3a download web page at:

General communications, including posting of Conference Call meetings, will be done via the 802.15.3a reflector. To sign up to that mailing list, follow the directions at:

All submissions and questions should be forwarded to the list below:

Chair:            Bob Heile (
Vice Chair:       Chuck Brabenac (
Technical Editor: Rick Roberts (
Secretary:        Leonard E. Miller (