IEEE 802.16.2 Draft Status and Schedule

Date Action Completed
2000/11/09 Working Group approves start of Letter Ballot on IEEE 802.16.2/D1-2000 (private) x
2000/11/17 Open Working Group Letter Ballot 2 x
2000/12/27 Close Working Group Letter Ballot 2 (passed, with comments) x
2001/01/10 Open Recirculation Ballot 2a x
2001/01/18 Invitation to join Ballot Group issued x
2001/01/20 Close Recirculation Ballot 2a x
2001/01/22-26 Resolve Comments at 802.16 Session #11 x
2001/01/31 No remaining negative votes in Working Group Letter Ballot x
2001/01/26 Working Group approves start of Sponsor Ballot x
2001/02/07 Open Recirculation Ballot 2b to confirm IEEE 802.16.2/D2-2001 x
2001/02/09 PAR Change Request due to NesCom x
2001/02/17 Close Recirculation Ballot 2b x
2001/02/18 Invitation to join Ballot Group expires x
2001/02/19 802 ExCom begins email vote on initiating Sponsor Ballot x
2001/02/28 802 ExCom ends email vote on approving start of Sponsor Ballot x
2001/02/28 Sponsor Ballot Group finalized x
2001/03/12-16 802.16 Session #12 (no direct relevance to schedule) x
2001/03/14 Sponsor Ballot begins x
2001/03/15 802 SEC Approves PAR Change x
2001/03/15 Discuss upcoming 802 SEC email vote at SEC meeting x
2001/03/16 IEEE-SA NesCom Approves PAR Change x
2001/03/17 IEEE-SA Approves PAR Change x
2001/04/12# Sponsor Ballot ends x
2001/04/16 Editorial team completes comment resolutions x
2001/04/17 Begin Sponsor Recirculation Ballot x
2001/04/26 End Sponsor Recirculation Ballot x
2001/05/04 Begin Sponsor Confirmation Ballot x
2001/05/04 Draft and Ballot Submitted to RevCom x
2001/05/16 End Sponsor Confirmation Ballot x
2001/05/18 802.16 Session #13 Closing Plenary passed motion: "To forward P802.16.2/D3-2001 to the 802 SEC for approval of submission to RevCom." x
2001/05/18 Request presented to 802 SEC, along with Sponsor Ballot vote summary. x
2001/05/21 802 ExCom begins email vote x
2001/06/01 802 ExCom completes email vote x
2001/06/13 IEEE-SA RevCom Meets and recommends approval x
2001/06/14 IEEE-SA Standards Board Meets and approves publication x
2001/07/06 Formal Letter of Approval Received from IEEE Standards Association x
2001/09/10 IEEE Std 802.16.2 Published by IEEE x
2001/09/10 Work on Amendment 802.16.2a begins x
Recognized as an American National Standard by ANSI x
available for free download via Get IEEE 802TM x

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