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Re: [802SEC] fyi - Comments coming soon to approve on FCC NPRM for the 5.9GHHz band.

hello LMSC Members,
would like to send a quick update on progress for the IEEE 802 comments on the FCC NPRM to revisit the 5.9GHz band, splitting it up, etc.   

we have had a series of longer ad hoc drafting sessions since the email below from a week ago.  yesterday we did receive 4 new sections for the comments so a moderate update will be reviewed at the ad hoc this afternoon and the goal is then an overall review with target for .18 to vote on them tomorrow (20th).

the link below should take you to rev 07 just uploaded and even though many markups, as you know, you can review with no markup.   we are at about 17 pages...  of course if any of you have any input it is welcomed, though to make the ad hoc today, need them very early today.  otherwise i can try to get them in late tonight or very early tomorrow morning before .18 votes on them. 


From: Jay Holcomb <>
Date: Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 8:24 PM
Subject: fyi - Comments coming soon to approve on FCC NPRM for the 5.9GHHz band.

hello LMSC(EC),

as mentioned in the wireless interim in January (sorry Glenn, David and others) there would be coming an FCC NPRM on re-configuration of the 5.9 GHz band that until the NPRM was for ITS, Intelligent Transportation System, where an amendment was done for it some years ago, 802.11p, aka  DSRC. with that an updated amendment is being worked on now for this band and service, P802.11bd.


The NPRM was released last thursday, and to meet the comment deadline of 09 March with a couple of days of pad it would be best to have .18 approve it next thursday the 20th, hence this email. 


there are a fair number of comments being worked on and to help while in the EC ballot process wanted to keep you posted and would appreciate any inputs you have before the COB the 18th, so they can be integrated into what .18 would approve on the 20th.


to be honest we have a ways to go on the comments and having almost daily focused calls working it, though wanted to give you a heads up at least.


some background:

this NPRM is proposed to change 45 of the 75 MHz from DSRC to general un-licensed, e.g. WiFi; 20 MHz to the cellular C-V2X and the last 10mhz is either DSRC or C-V2X.  obviously much more detail, though this should give you a feel of the situation.  tough on the DSRC standardd and more for unlicensed, etc.


P802.11bd task group has been putting together draft comments and with the release of the NPRM last thursday it was transferred to .18 to help finish up and bring to you, for an EC ballot.


as mentioned, the comments have a little ways to go with questions in them, though with the timeline, should be getting them cleaned up over the next couple of ad hoc meetings/days.


will be a busy week,



the NPRM:


the proceeding:,DESC


Jay Holcomb
IEEE 802.18
Itron, Liberty Lake (Spokane), WA

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