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802 tutorial process

I am unhappy with the current process for arranging the tutorials. I don't know who is in charge of these or if any guidelines get followed, but I think we need something better.

I can't understand why we have to wait until less than a week before the meeting to know what the topics are or even how many tutorials there will be. And we still have no abstract, so I don't know what "10 GbE Multi Level Analog Signaling Technology" means. Whether or not I can schedule an evening session, or plan a visit with my local friends, depends on the tutorials and their topics.

Since there is still no advertising of the tutorials, my members wouldn't have a clue about them unless I passed along the info I received from Dawn. Of course, I do so at risk. For instance, I'd been advertising the Tuesday tutorial as "Transcendata Technology Overview". I was embarrassed to find out that "Transcendata" is the name of a company; this makes the title completely inappropriate for an 802 meeting.

The tutorials are not entertainment. They are 802 business and should be treated as such.


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