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[802SEC] Proposed modification to IEEE 802 LMSC P&P


Note, this is for the Standards Committee P&P, not the WG P&P.

Background: We were in the process of updating the 2014 P&P when we needed to go back and update that P&P to allow us to change our inferior rules (i.e., the OM and WG P&P). We approved that change in May and it was subsequently approved by SASB.

However, we still need to update our P&P to the current baseline (2017). The AudCom reviewers suggested that we provide a split to the Vice Chair's section between the First and Second Vice-Chairs. In order to move this P&P through the process more expeditiously, I am proposing the change reflected in:
to be considered at the 4 August 2020 EC electronic meeting.

The update is:
3.4.2 Vice-Chair(s)

The Vice Chair(s) are to assist the Sponsor Chair in the responsibilities delegated to them. The Sponsor Chair will typically assign different areas of responsibilities to the First Vice-Chair and Second Vice-Chair. First Vice-Chair

The First Vice-Chair shall carry out the Sponsor Chair's duties if the Sponsor Chair is temporarily unable to do so or chooses to recuse him- or herself (e.g., to speak for or against a motion). Second Vice-Chair

The Second Vice-Chair shall carry out the Sponsor Chair's duties if both the Sponsor Chair and First Vice-Chair are temporarily unable to do so or if both choose to recuse themselves (e.g., to speak for or against a motion).

This motion will be taken under Clause 10.0 "Revision of Sponsor P&P"

Revisions to these P&P shall be submitted to the Sponsor no less than 30 days in advance of a motion (or conclusion of an electronic ballot) to approve them. Amendments in response to comments on the P&P are permitted. Insufficient time to consider complex amendments is a valid reason to vote disapprove. A motion to revise the Sponsor P&P shall require a vote of approve by at least two thirds of all voting members of the Sponsor.

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